Regain Your Smile With Dental Bridges In St Louis

Cosmetic dental surgery is a boon for people, ordinary or otherwise, who want to improve the color and shape of their teeth. The times when people lived with whatever natural features they had are over. The present generation has the opportunity of repairing, restoring and replacing the teeth they have. One of the solutions that are on offer for missing teeth is the dental bridges. The experts at Dental Bridges in St Louis anchor a fixed bridge to the existing teeth on both the sides of the missing teeth. The dental bridge uses the healthy teeth for supporting one or more natural looking replacements teeth.

Bridges Fill the Gap

The dental bridge is fabricated as a single unit and has one or more caps or crown on both sides, which a surgeon fixes to the natural teeth. In between there are some artificial teeth or poetics that fill the gap left by the missing teeth. The doctor ensures that the bonding to the peripheral crowns keeps the bridge in place.  At Dental Bridges in St Louis the professional dentist uses bridges made of alloys, porcelain, or gold or a combination of these materials. If the patient does not have enough natural teeth, the doctor fixes the bridge on dental implants. 

Types of bridges

When you visit the dentist, you will know that there are two kinds of bridges available, namely, fixed and removable bridges. Both the types work equally well. The type of bridge you choose will depend on what you prefer and what the doctor can offer. Before doing the bridge job, the doctor at Dental Bridges in St Louis studies your gums for any weakness or disease, your remaining teeth and also other parts of the oral cavity. This is essential for the surgeon to decide what kind of bridges is good for you and can serve your purpose for a long time. Rely on the expert for taking the correct decision.

Benefits of a bridge

Many people suggest that dental bridges are a better option than dentures. The dentures seem to slip away causing difficulty while eating and speaking.  There is no such problem with bridges. You might have lost only two, front teeth in an accident that compromises your look and your smile. Wearing of bridges solves your problem entirely. The treatment for dental bridges at Dental Bridges in St Louis helps you to bite properly, which you cannot do with missing teeth. The bridges also protect the remaining teeth from drifting from their original position. A bridge treatment restores your smile as well as restores the original shape of your mouth.

Dental Bridge Lasts Long

You may be under the impression that wearing a bridge makes it difficult to eat. But what it does is just the opposite. However, you need to eat soft food till you adjust to the new attachment.  The longevity of any product depends on its maintenance. It is the same with teeth and more precisely, with dental bridges.  The secret to a functional and lasting bridge is proper dental hygiene. If you are a person who takes care of the mouth and visits the dentist regularly, you can expect the bridges to last for ten to fifteen years of even longer. To read more Click Here